Saturday, June 30, 2007

Civilian deaths on NATO-ISAF operation (Haidarabad, Afghanistan)

NATO-ISAF airstrikes in Haidarabad village (Haydarabad, Ḩeydarābād, Hyderabad, Heydarabad, Khaidarabad) left at least 30 civilians killed or wounded on Friday June-29.

Haidarabad is at Gereshk district (Helmand province). Follow this link to see the map of Haidarabad.

Taliban forces tried to ambush an US-Afghan military convoy in
Gereshk district, and then they ran to the nearby village for cover. Then, NATO-ISAF attacked the village with airstrikes, said Dur Ali Shah, the mayor of Gereshk.

NATO-ISAF spokesman stated that a dozen of Taliban were killed in two engagements, but they weren't aware of civilian casualties.

Local sources stated that there have been intense fighting in the area, and there would be about 100 people killed.

This incident is one more in a long list. Last week, president Karzai criticized the ISAF "extreme" use of force.

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- A local investigation reported that
62 insurgents and 45 civilians were killed in the operations [Yahoo News, Sunday 1st July].
- NATO-ISAF operations with civilian deaths : Civilian deaths and friendly fire on ISAF operations (Afghanistan) [updated] , Civilians killed by NATO at Afghanistan : the case of Zerkoh Valley (Shindand, Herat) .

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